How is the website with Nebula Digital Marketing Agency? Compared to other agencies

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Have you ever heard this word? “The website is like the look of the organization” because whenever we want to contact to do business to any department or organization, it must pass almost all the company’s fronts. But in reality, the website is a way to contact the medium that can contact the agency. Including news distribution channels for the general public It is also the key to indicating the credibility of the organization that it really exists on the internet. This is the establishment, including many companies, wants the organization itself to be reliable. It is accepted by the general public that the company has real identity. Nebula Digital Marketing Agency can help you in this item. In this article, you will take you to get to know and find answers, because of what you have to do with the website with Nebula Digital Marketing Agency and how different from other Agency.

The reason to make the Nebula Digital Marketing Agency website

Website design until you like (Design)

Every time he created a website for the organization You can set the direction of the website about what you want to communicate to the user, how the user feels with the Mood A Tone theme, with the date of meeting to talk to you in one day a week. So you can see the look of your own website But one thing that Nebula Station has for you and unlike any of the markets in the website is that you can fix your work as you like and fix the work until you are satisfied with your website. Because of the design, we can fix the work for you at any time.

Simulate the website before creating (Prototype).

When we get the website in this period, it is a simulation of the website before actually being created on the website through the real simulation program on the device, which in the simulation shows the results to the customers before bringing it. To continue to create a real website, which the display here will design a website in all sizes, display screens that support Responsive as a way to create a website.

Supports all devices (Responsive)

This is what Nebula Station has seen the problem of displaying websites on other devices, with problems with the convenience of each user and the display that matches the device, which Nebula Station Giving great importance in this matter In the period of creating a website that has actually opened with the device, as if the user who entered your website So that your organization or business is confident and dare to present your website to your customers or partners without worry.

SEO Optimized

If you are the one who likes or want to get something and print, search from the search engine like Google, so that the website shows the results on the website that has the same information on the search. Or in the website industry, it is called SEO (can go to read more articles. Click here). During the creation of the website, supporting the SEO in the future so that your website can display the search. On Google and to allow your website to further create a SEM campaign or advertising advertising. It can be said that creating a single website can be used in the long run.

Google Analytics

After creating a successful website, Nebula Station has installed Google Analytics for your website. This is a tool that allows you to take your website to further the SEO to make the website page ranked on the Google’s result page, and it helps you to know the number of clicks to visit the website that How many people come in to click on the day? It can be said that it is one of the ordinary tools of the website that must be used for long -term use. In addition, this is only the only Nebula Station that installed this tool for you for sure.

Test the website to see before delivery (Testing)

Every time before bringing the website back to the Nebula Station, the website will be tested in front of the Google Website Speed ​​Test to help test the Google website that Our website has a good website, quality and efficient, both in terms of downloading the website and the compatibility of various devices, especially Mobile Friendly so that customers can use this website to extend to Firing advertising and SEO in the future, and of course, your website will definitely be ranked on the display page.

After -sales service (Maintenance)

When the customer has received the website from the nebula One thing that we have given more importance than the value you received is to take care of the security system of the backyard, the website for a period of 1 year after receiving the website. So you feel that even if you finish the website We are ready to take care of your website when there is a problem every time you feel that There is still a nebula, here, not going anywhere and you feel safe.

But if you are the one who is planning to start creating a website for your agency or organization, but do not know how to start doing. Nebula Station can definitely help you and can consult about making a website for free. Just add LINE to @nebulastudio Don’t wait before the number of queues before running out.

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