5 things to know before making a website. The best tool for increase profit and business value that entrepreneurs should know.

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Just reputed that many websites tend to see it as normal that plays an important role in doing business or organization. To support the needs that are in line with the behavior of people in modern times Therefore became the source of the phrase that “If you want anything, find it on Google.” This website is unless it is the main channel that supports and attracts people searching from Search Engine and also helps to enhance the image of business and organization to be more pleasant. Be reliable Allowing people to visit the website, dare to use your business website.

But to make a website, the owner of the business or organization needs to know 5 things before doing the website. To be a tool to help present the image and credibility of the business that the owner of the business or the organization is no longer known Have the following

What is your website about ?

It is the first question that business owners or establishments must know that to create their own website. What do we want to present the content? In most cases, it is usually a website to present your own business or organization through a video message, images or media that have business content such as business history. Organization Business services, etc. These may have news updates in the form of articles. To tell the progress of what activities or organizations have done each day and is one way to spread the news about the business, although it may not be more accepted than the post. News on the Facebook Fanpage page, but to enhance the image and increase your credibility to your business or organization as well.

In addition, the website can also add features that can facilitate you want to use your business on the internet. For example, a famous restaurant website in Thailand Customers who want to use the said restaurant by searching for the internet Which on this website can add a dining table reservation feature to support customers who want to use the service, can reserve a table directly Which the advantage is that customers do not have to call to reserve a table by themselves Just choose the place, date, time, and number of people who use the service without having to pass Agency or the reservation intermediary. If any business wants to have such features or aside from this, can inbox come in to discuss or ask us in Nebulasite. We are happy to give advice to your business.

Domain name

When having a website, must have a domain name If explaining easily, it is the name of that website. Just to write down the name of a website, it must be selected in advance about what we want to use to write down the domain name. After that, hire a domain name before creating your business website. The good domain name should be a short, firm and easy to access. But the thing that must be exchanged is that the more short and easy domain name Rental fees on the domain name on the website will also be higher. Normally, the rental of the domain website is often calculated annually. But in this regard, it depends on the hosting that provides a domain name rental service, how much is in the rate per 1 domain name and the domain name has previously registered or not.

In addition to choosing the domain name You must also know what kind of business of your domains is considered to be the correct business name and should use the domain name. Therefore, if it is a business or general organization, it is recommended to use domain types, including .com, .co.th for the credibility of the website for your business or body. But in the use of domains, it also affects the price of the domain hire purchase. Examples for domain names include Apple.com, Ch7.com, Nebula.co.th. If anyone wants to know the details of the domain names in each name or any type of organization, can click to read here.


Choosing a hosting (hosting) is another thing that is very important to the creation of business websites, because even if we choose to write down the domain name hosting that is cheaper than the market beyond the truth. And it is the main reason that many entrepreneurs or business owners choose to write down the name of the hosting domain. The problem must face the problem of Response Time (hosting response) that is low and causes delay and causes delivery. Affecting many other things, causing the business website to fall in the end Therefore, the domain name should be registered, reliable hosting. And have a backyard system management system to be easy to take care of your business website


When there is a website, there must be a visitor (website visitor) because of the behavior of people in this era. When they want to search, they must search on the search engine that is very popular, such as Google by typing messages or sentences in the search bar or even Even the voice of himself The owner of the website itself must consider this part of how we can make our website a traffic (the number of visitors) in the higher quantity. If comparing the image and easier to understand It is no different from posting a Facebook photo and makes it a top. The top of the share or the tracking amount increases.

Whenever the website has a traffic top, there is a chance that Google will show your business website on the results. The more the results are in the top, the more chances that people know the website will only increase and are also easy to search. But must be exchanged for a period of time that Google will show our website on the result of the website, must take care of the website according to the terms of the SEO in each search engine. And many other factors, including advertising In order to stimulate the traffic amount to have people enter the website on the page showing the results as well If anyone wants to know more about SEO, you can read the article. Click here.


Must admit that today there are a variety of websites to create a website and can be done in a variety of ways. In which each tool to create different advantages and limitations Which the owner of the establishment or business owner needs to know what our website is built To make it easier to take care of both the front and backyard system of the website It also helps to correct the website process when the operation is incorrect. So that personnel or experts can access the website system and edit at the point Also to reduce the web defects Until allowing our business website to work efficiently But if you are planning to create a business website but don’t know how to start Let’s start with us. Click here.

But if you are having a plan to create a website to do business or website within your organization You can ask for advice on how to make a website with us. Nebula Digital Marketing Agency via LINE. Just add to @nebulastudio Free consultation, free of charge Hurry to consult us now before the number of rights will be full.

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