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Nowadays, there are many companies or businesses that have their own business websites, whether they are small businesses or large enterprise-level businesses. Many businesses are trying to push their websites to reach people and create visibility for their websites. By finding ways to increase website visitors or a popular term called “Website Traffics” which in this part is one of the important parts of doing Google SEO (you can read more articles about SEO by clicking here ) Because in the first period after the website is published, it must rely on Website Traffic from promoting and distributing the website on each channel in order for people to know about it in the beginning. If your business is one of them, in this article we will share with you the secret techniques to increase Website Tracffics for your business.

Social Media paired with Website Traffic

Social Network or that online social network that we know today It is one of the easiest channels to reach people to increase Website Traffic by bringing people in this section to our website. By creating a platform channel that wants to penetrate groups of people. The most popular platforms used are Facebook, Line. We may create a Facebook FanPage by adding website contact channels to the page. Another thing is creating backlinks, which involves sharing article links from the website in this section. It is another way to increase website traffic as well. Making backlinks helps to increase Google SEO as well.

Create advertising coverage to increase website traffic.

It’s a way to create website traffic. It’s a top priority for SEO because it’s a method that can see results in a short period of time. By creating a campaign with Google Ads and setting a budget for advertising. So that users can search for information on Google using the same keyword and be able to see our website advertisements. But the limitation of this method is that we have to choose keywords to increase website traffic well because if we choose to use keywords for the wrong purpose, it is equivalent to wasting money on advertising without any benefit.

In addition, this method can also be used in social network channels such as Facebook Ads in order to use the Facebook Fanpage that has been created as an advertisement so that users on Facebook can see it in the feed and click to view it. To be a way to increase website traffic, but the advantage of advertising in Facebook Ads is that there is no need to use keywords like Google and can be seen in every channel on Facebook, such as feed pages, chats, videos, etc.

Create interesting content to increase website traffic.

If you have read our article on “Rule of Content Writing for 1st Google SERP” (if anyone has never read You can read it by clicking here.) You probably know that content or article content is what attracts visitors to our website. But in order to create interesting content, one must look at trends and see what people are interested in in each period. In order for the content to meet the needs of visitors Because if our content is liked and gets their attention, backlinks may be created. This is a great website traffic generator, causing it to be shared on social networks through various channels for others to read. Our article Think about it: if this were true, you would get full Google SEO scores, resulting in your SEO being ranked on the search page and getting more website traffic as well.

E-mail news updates to stimulate Website Traffic

Many people read articles on the website. Have you ever noticed why some websites invite or offer visitors to sign their e-mail in order to always receive new updates? This is another way to increase website traffic for users. E-mail can receive information when there are new updates. You can access the website link and read the articles in the e-mail immediately without having to search Google. Although it is a good way to create website traffic, one thing to be careful of is that whenever a website link is sent to an e-mail. That doesn’t want to turn the letter into SPAM. As a result, our website cannot receive or send letters in that E-mail service at all. It also affects Google SEO which is quite difficult as well.

Print media can help increase website traffic.

Although this is a very classic method, it can still be seen today. Whether it is business cards, brochures, flyers, etc., which is another channel that is easy to do. It reaches people quickly but costs money to publish. So that readers of the printed media can read and know the information in the printed media. What can increase Website Traffic is the name and address of the website listed in the printed media. So that readers can type the address of the website link into their browser, but nowadays they can access the website address by scanning a QR-Code. The advantage of this format is that they do not have to type the address themselves. And can be used in conjunction with graphic design work to create advertising media to attract media viewers to scan the QR-Code to our website, resulting in increased website traffic as well.

SEO is a great website traffic driver.

The most important thing in increasing website traffic is doing Google SEO (if anyone doesn’t know what SEO is, you can read our article by clicking here) so that our website pages will be displayed on the results page. This method, although it is a good method, will take up to 6-7 months to see results. In some cases, it may take a year. Therefore, it is necessary to use advertising to help attract searchers and increase Website Traffic once the website is ranked on the results page. The results will be displayed on this page in the long run. It can be said that it is worth the labor cost even if you have to exchange the hardships in the beginning. However, this does not mean that the website displayed on the results page will remain forever. Therefore, the website must be updated all the time in order to maintain its ranking at the top, including the maintenance of the website system at all times.

Finally, even after you finish reading this article, you probably already have permanent website traffic for your website. Getting a website for your business is a never-ending task. Therefore, we want to maintain the website system at all times with the user in mind, whether it is front-of-house or back-end work. Including finding other avenues that can increase Website Traffic for your website and maintaining Google SEO page rankings. Therefore, take good care of your website system. For use that can grow and expand your beautiful business. Because the future is waiting for you.

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