Facebook Ads VS Google Ads, two giant advertising platforms, which platform is right for your business?

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These two words are probably well known to many people because nowadays people use the internet in our country. It can be said that there are quite a lot of users. Whether it be in communication, searching for information, booking rooms, or even doing business. But if you are someone who has your own online business and wants to increase sales. Tapping into the market or always looking for new customers, of course, depends on how to promote your store by doing online advertising. The question is between Facebook Ads and Google Ads, which platform should you use for online advertising that best suits your business? This is still a question that creates quite a bit of doubt among online business operators. In this article, we will take you to understand the process of creating advertisements on both of these platforms together.

Facebook Advertisement (Facebook Ads)

Start getting to know each other from the platform that has the largest community, Facebook, which has the largest number of users in the world. Because in this platform, the focus is mainly on community. With an increasing number of people using Facebook, some people are using this channel to conduct business more. Therefore, Facebook has launched service tools. used to promote business stores To increase sales even more is Facebook Advertisement (Facebook Ads).

How does a Facebook Ads work?

The working process of Facebook Ads is based on the behavior and interests of each user. Facebook itself has an A.I. system that detects what each user is interested in, what they want, and what they like. What are the special matters? By looking at activity, history of liking Search history, following, sharing posts, or even chatting with friends. Facebook Ads will appear posts with stories that interest us in the user’s Feed page, along with a message indicating this post or This page is supported. In addition to Facebook Ads that appear on the Feed page, they may also appear on various service pages within Facebook or in applications affiliated with Facebook such as Facebook Messenger, Facebook Market, Facebook Video, Instagram. etc.

When do you purchase for Facebook Ads?

Payments for ad generation are measured by how many people see the ad post that appears in the feed or section of Facebook. An ad will only start running once a payment has been made. Facebook Ads starts running. immediately But this depends on the budget that the business operator has set. Because if the budget is set higher Chances are that people will see your posts and access your store as well. If you set your budget at the minimum level that Facebook has set, your chances of being seen and reached by your store increase to some extent. Therefore, in setting the budget for advertising, there should be careful analysis and reflection before launching an advertisement to determine whether it is worth it for our business or not. In order to prevent wasted advertising budget.

What level of business is Facebook Ads suitable for?

Making Facebook Ads is suitable for almost all forms of online business, from small shops (B2C) to enterprise level (B2B) because in this platform channel, as mentioned above, we mostly focus on community. Therefore, for any level of business that wants people to know about our business. In the hope that these groups of people can access our store business. It can be said to be the channel that can reach the most people.

Google Adwords (Google Ads)

Coming to the pioneering part of online advertising such as Google Adwords (Google Ads), which in this platform is the Search Engine that people like to search for information is the number one in the world. In the present time, what do people want in life? Everyday I often pick up the phone to search for information. Whether it is accessing various website services such as Facebook, Instagram or searching for information by searching for articles, booking accommodations, location information. or even searching for the online store itself As for this platform, it is different from Facebook in that every store promotion or advertisement must have a channel for users to access our store business, which is a website.

How does a Google Ads work?

Google Ads works in many different ways. But for this article, I would like to highlight the most common patterns.

1 : SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

It is the process of marketing on the Google platform. If you do advertising in this form, it will rely on the search words of the searcher, known as keywords. The business owner or store owner must analyze whether their own business is suitable for the keyword. Where can we get the number of visitors to our website (Traffic) so that our website can show results on the top SERP (Search Engine Result Page) page on that page? However, when doing advertising, SEO must be done along with it. If anyone doesn’t know what SEO is, you can read our article by clicking here.

2 : GDN (Google Display Network)

It is the display of advertising pages displayed in the form of banners on other websites. This form of advertising is often seen by many people, especially websites that have articles or download pages. And it is an advertising format that can be seen everywhere. The advantage of this form of advertising is that it is easily accessible to the customer market and increases your own business opportunities.

When do you purchase for Google Ads?

Google Ads Payments: Online store business operators can choose from two payment formats:

Cost Per Click (CPC) When people start clicking on your ads, Google starts charging you. But a campaign must be set up in Google Ads before it can be used.

Cost Per Thousand Viewable Impressions (vCPM) When an ad has been viewed 1000 times on a website, Google will deduct the advertising cost immediately. Even if the advertisement has people click to watch or not.

What kind of business is Google Ads suitable for?

For advertising, Google Ads is suitable for store businesses that are well known to a certain extent, which are usually B2B businesses. Most of the time, online advertising relies on hiring a team to take care of the process. advert Most of them are agency groups that specialize in online advertising to make our business valuable. Increase business opportunities and gain access to customers and general users. In order to transform internet users into future customers as well.

Hopefully this article will help business operators decide on advertising to promote their stores. and understand the advertising process on each platform To be a source of information for spreading news and reaching people, users probably hope that one day your business will grow and be beautiful as you expected and come true in the future.

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