Good websites must have 5 things to make your website attractive and responding to people in the 2024s.

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Nowadays, the website is something that is necessary for every organization to become a part of the daily lives of people in online society. Regardless of the purpose of any purpose, but Whether education Commercial and business Or even entertainment With the advantage of having a website is an online channel that everyone can visit. Just have an internet that can surf the website through the browser. It also helps to shorten the duration of the coordination or transaction.

But to make a website for today, we should consider the factors in many ways, both in the aspect of the design. Use in the user section and the care of the backyard system of the website Therefore, in this article, 5 techniques will be shared by the website in modern times. Your website is reliable. It is attractive and answers to people in 2022, and also good for long -term use. Especially SEO (can read more SEO articles by clicking here)

Must support all devices (Responsive)

    Have you ever wondered why one website that opened on the computer screen or a notebook looks so beautiful? But why do we open on the mobile phone, display in another form that is not the same as on the computer screen Of course, the website display on each device in each device, such as computers, notebooks, tablets and mobile phones, all have different screens. And in each same device, there are many screen size But the same thing is that each device must display the same website This is called Responsive. It is the heart of the website that website developers must pay attention to this. Due to the behavior of people, in most cases, when entering the website, they tend to visit via mobile devices rather than using computers. For this reason, Responsive is very important to website making. It also helps to make your website facilitate and increase traffic to your website in the future.

    Mobile Friendly

    Due to the previous issues, due to the behavior of people in this era, they opened more websites via mobile phones, smart phones, tablets. Website developers, aside from being aware of the importance of making a website for Responsive, but sometimes the website developers themselves have to design a website for mobile phones before developing the website to Responsive for mobile phones to see that in the elements Or some elements, it fits well with a mobile screen or is difficult during the use of mobile websites or not. Also have to keep checking that the website that has been created When opening with other devices, the Mobile Friendly in the website display is sufficiently enough to publish websites for the general public. But this is another thing that developers should not overlook this. Currently, there is a website to help check your website efficiency to see if it is compatible with the device. One of them, Google has built the tools for free as well. Which the tool can click here Because the display that matches the device can also affect SEO in the long run as well

    Design the website to look easy to use.

    For example, the face of 2 websites and then see that If you are a user, which one would like to access the website?

    The picture on the left is the image on the website that was created many years ago with the right image. The obvious thing is that the design on the website where the right image is easy to use and is less complicated than the left image. Therefore, the website design is known as another important part that website developers should pay attention to. By taking into account the outsiders who come to visit the website and have a difficult feeling? If your website has designed to have a complicated appearance, too difficult to understand It is possible that users will definitely not access your website.

    Supports seo optimized

    Believe that many people will have the behavior that when curious, curious, print, search on Google, then Google will display the WebPage page showing the content in accordance with the search term. This is to do SEO, but during the creation of the website, the website developer needs to create a website. Each page must support SEO in order to reach people who search with keywords through Search Engine like Google, Bing etc. But in this regard, the website developer team must know the main components that support SEO, what elements will help push the website to rank. One of them is SEO on Page that makes the website effective as the most effective.


    With today’s society, the behavior of people in this era What do you like what is fast and meets demand? The website is the same when people searching for websites via Search Engine or get a link to the website that comes from anywhere. The speed of website on each page is one of the important factors that affect the sequence of SEO. Therefore, the website developer must consider the webpage loading time and the optimized website with light file size and loading time. In each webpage page to a minimum

    But to download the Speedtest, it is not only from the factors of the website file size. Choosing a host is another important factor that directly affects the Speedtest website loading, because when we choose to write down the hosting that is too cheap and not reliable. It affects your website loading until your website is slow. Until causing other people to use your website to stop using

    But if you are the one who has a plan for making a website but doesn’t know where we should start Can consult about making a website with a free nebula Just add LINE to @nebulastudio We are happy to give advice and hope that this technique can be shared can be a way to make a website for you and meet the people who use the era, especially in the year 2022. Good luck and Experience the smoothness of creating a website.

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