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Believe that many people who have been doing online or commercial business for many years, it is well known that the promotion or advertisement Is one of the 4’P marketing principles, that is, Promotion is a news distribution. Public relations, suggesting a shop business for other people to see what your shop or business is doing anything about what to sell and what services are sold. When the interest of people Especially those who need to match products or services Have the opportunity to use the service from your store in the future Which the channels used to promote or advertise can be seen in many ways Whether billboards on the billboard, lights, flyers, publications, or even on television

But nowadays there is still one way that is part of the people in this era is the internet. Because of the behavior of people who have used mobile phones to use media, content and search for more information on the internet Therefore, business groups or stores have relying on promoting advertisements through Google Ads to allow their stores to go to Prague. Until it became a popular question in the business group that if we invest money in advertising through Google Ads, how much will it meet the store? And how much is it worth the investment? In this article, you will take you to get to know Google Ads, why people who open online stores or businesses in this era are different to use it to Promote advertising

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is one of the Google services that are intended to be used to make advertisements for stores or SMEs in all sizes. Can display to promote stores and online advertisements on all websites on the internet on Google platforms because it is Search. Engine that has the most people searching for information in the world. So that these stores can clearly reach the market groups that the target market

In the advertisement of Google ADS, the advertising team or the marketing team in the shop business will create a campaign. To set the objective of what your advertisement is With the following options

  • SALE – for increasing sales to your store business
  • Leads – Increasing opportunities for people to publicize products or services.
  • Website TrafficS – Increase the number of people visiting the website.
  • Product and Brand Consideration – used for comparing products until becoming known to the brand
  • Brand Awareness and Reach – makes the product brand become more well -known.
  • App Promotion – Promote the release of new applications to become more known.

In the advertisement of Google ADS, the advertising team or the marketing team in the shop business will create a campaign. To set the objective of what your advertisement is And also must know what type of advertising on google ads in each type is suitable for advertising Now, let’s see the type of advertising on Google Ads. What are the following formats?

How does Google Ads show ads (format)?

When we know the purpose of creating a campaign to create advertising Let’s see what kind of features inside the Google ADS will have the type of advertisement. Which believes that many people have seen every day as follows

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

This type of advertising is near us. Especially when we search for information or search for what we want, often show on the search results page It will look similar to SEO (can read articles about SEO. Click here) by observing the word ADS. Even if anyone has a SEO website, Google advertising with the store’s store will receive more traffic tops only in the short term. Because whenever you stop advertising, the number of traffic will stop immediately. But what will be returned is that people come to know your store’s name and service, even if the searchers choose to buy or not. By displaying this type of advertising, suitable for increasing sales Access to people and to increase the traffic. Your website

GDN (Google Display Network)

It is one of the images that can be seen that we can see very often. Think about the time when we are going to make vinyl or billboards seen in Onsite to display in the online form instead. Especially when we go to watch movies, read articles, download files or even play the game ourselves There will be a small banner bar that is shown on almost every webpage that is searching from Google. In this way, the advantage is that people who search for information or visit on the webpage are definitely easy. Therefore, this type of advertising show is suitable for increasing sales and promotions.

Video Youtube

Many people, when watching Youtube, a clip will have two advertising clips, and we have to wait for Skip Ads. That is, one way that Google Ads can display advertisements on YouTube but not. Just in the form of video only Also comes in the form of banner banners on the side, some video clips But if it is on the mobile phone page, it will appear as an advertisement page with a link to visit This may cause Youtube users to be annoyed to the advertisement that appears to the point of applying for Youtube Premium, but this type of advertising is perfect for launching new products. Brands, products or new stores or whatever they want to be known by people the most.


When people want to buy the desired product, which is a product that may be ready to buy or not. But do not know what the desired product, which online stores are sold Therefore resulting in search on Google and showing the results in the form of products that match the product that matches the search term If your shop has products that match the words that people search for, then there is a chance that your product appears one page showing the results for sure. This type of advertising is suitable for stores that want their own brand to be known and increased sales.


Another type that we use a smartphone to see very often, especially the Android side. Because when entering the application, whether general apps or games When we want to do something, there will be users to watch advertisements to receive coins or accumulated points, which Google Ads will use this advertisement channel to publish for people to know new applications. That has just been released or new stores that want to reach people to be more well-known

Google Ads helps in your business.

Increasing people and customers

Google Ads has tried to help promote and push your business, whether it has just been opened or opened for over ten years. So that people who do business can reach people more easily With various display channels that Google Ads can do, but one thing that Google has done is intelligent to analyze what the words that people search for. And show the result to meet the needs What the store will get is the market group and the way to find new customers, especially customers in the online group who want to buy your own products or services.

Being well -known

Google Ads has tried to promote your business to be a person who knows. Because in addition to showing the results through the search term It is also used as an advertising area on the banner on the webpage or clips of advertising on YouTube. So that users can see your business Until becoming known by default Therefore, if the online business store that has just been released in the first phase, but there are no people who know the people. Therefore, this Google Ads tool should be used as a promotion for your store in the first period.

Business growth opportunities

Google ADS helps to collect data statistics through search terms of what kind of product or service are interested and what you like, so your business can be aware of this information and then add more to your business. Whether in the production of the product Opening service Or even a new promotion It also helps your business to understand the customer market group and find new ways to meet and have the opportunity to allow your business to expand the business to support more needs in the future.

Increasing income and sales

Unless promoting to reach people It is known and displayed the product to meet the needs. All of this also helps to create sales and make profits to your business from people searching on Google.

If anyone wants to know more or interested in making advertisements, Google Ads can consult at Nebula Digital Marketing Agency. In this article, I hope that it will be more or less useful to business operators and business owners. And also see the advantages of the use and the objectives of Google Ads that are more clear And hope that your business is successful in the future

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