How important is Google My Business for your business. (If you want your business to be successful)

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We have to admit that with society in this online era When people are curious or want something, they search for it on Google, causing Google to become the father of every internet institution by default. That is the origin of the popular phrase: “If you want to know anything, just ask Google.” For this reason, Google is an important factor that plays a huge role in doing online business. Many companies are trying to find channels to push their own shops or business websites to appear in Google results page to be consistent with the needs and usage behavior of people in the online era. The avenue mentioned above is using Google My Business : GMB.

Although Google My Business has now been launched to support the needs of searchers, It also helps your business to grow and gain opportunities to find more customers that come from searching on Google. Therefore, if you are the one who runs your own online business, you must not miss this article. Because we will take you to get to know Google My Business more about why online business shops are paying attention to Google My Business and how it helps your business to grow in the long term.

Introduce Google My Business : GMB

First of all, let’s get to know Google My Business. It is a service provided by Google that aims to allow your SME business or business to be displayed on the search results page through keywords and be a part of its influence. Factors in doing SEO (read more details about SEO, click here) For example, let’s say Mr. A. wants to find a mobile phone shop that is in the vicinity of his own home. By searching on Google for “mobile phone shops in Phuket,” Google will show results for mobile phone shops near Mr. A.’s house. Google will show results for shops from Google My Business.

Factors for doing Google My Business

Clearly Description

The first thing a store or business needs is information about all of its stores. Whether it’s the name of the store What type of business is it about? Brief details Contact number The exact opening and closing days and times are clearly stated. Moreover, if Social Media is used, the link address should be clearly specified. and including the use of the website These also show clear information. It’s trustworthy and conveys the authenticity of your business, but more on that in the next section.

Location must be matched with your Business

For some businesses that have a physical location or storefront of their own, such as hotels, restaurants, barber shops, spas, etc., specify the exact address of the store. So that the address is displayed in the same way as your own store. Because the address information of the store will be linked to Google Maps, which will have a beneficial effect on the search group on Google. The type of address, territory or area that is close to it. You can travel and come directly to support us using the services in your store.

In addition to this, using Google Street View is one factor that may help people decide to buy your products or services. By simulating a virtual travel route before arriving at the storefront. This will help benefit the searcher’s journey.

Picture and Environmental

Another thing that guarantees the credibility and identity of your business and store. Because part of the reason that the group searching for information on Google will choose to use the service is this image and atmosphere. Because it will be the factor that affects the decision to choose products and services. Especially in the business groups of hotels, restaurants, cafes, department stores, spas, etc. Sometimes people who search for information on Google in order to choose to use that service. Often look at pictures in front of stores. The atmosphere inside, the beautiful corners inside the store, or even the products. Therefore, the shop or business is interested in the image of the business. It is one thing that helps attract searchers or customers to come use your service.

In addition to this, using 360 degree images is one factor that may help people decide to buy your products or services. By showing the atmosphere inside the store, which can be seen from every angle as if the searcher were immersed in that atmosphere. This can help searchers become interested in and choose your store’s services.

Customer Review

In addition to beautiful pictures Clear details already exist. Service score is the most important thing and can be called the top decision choice for searchers in choosing a service because Google will show the ranking of results for stores that have a service score. The best reviews in the most searched areas come first. It is also a guarantee that the shop will not only exist. The atmosphere is beautiful. Service is also an important factor in rating reviews from customers. Because if customers are very satisfied with using the services in your store Chances are that customers who have previously used the service will dare to leave a full 5-star review, and the chance that your store will have a greater chance of being ranked among the top results as well. Therefore, the service in your store is also very important. It’s not just making sales.

How does Google My Business help?

  1. Trustworthiness of store brands
  2. Channels for seeking additional customers
  3. Increase sales for your business
  4. Increased store growth opportunities
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