How to write articles for a newbie to look like a professional blogger?

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I believe that many people who come to read this article probably have some purpose for writing articles on the website. Whether it is creating articles for your own website To be used to share knowledge on the internet without profit. Some people may create articles to use for business or other reasons. In order to create an article on a website, no matter what topic it is, you must know the elements of writing an article. Including writing experiences that need to be accumulated and find your own writing style. It’s like singing where the singer has to find his or her own tone. To create uniqueness and be remembered by people When we wrote the article in the beginning There must be SEO done on the website page where we write articles. So that searchers can visit our website. If anyone doesn’t know what SEO is, read this article to the end first. Then come back and read it by clicking here.

Look at yourself

But before we go on, Try asking yourself whether you have a habit of reading or not (simply put, do you like to read books or not?) It’s clear that most people don’t like reading. Because Thai people read less than 4 lines of books and it’s true. If you are one of them, it might be difficult to start writing articles. Because writing an article is fundamentally important from reading this article. The solution is not difficult, just open your mind and cultivate the habit of reading in yourself. Start by searching for articles on the internet on topics that interest you. This is the easiest way for beginning article writers to do today. Also, look at the guidelines for writing articles on each website, such as, etc. But if you are someone who likes to read already. It might be a little easier in terms of writing articles. Because the basics of being a good writer Must start from reading or have experienced that thing yourself Then take those stories and convey them into writing.

Begin to write an Article

When we have answered our own questions and thought we were okay with writing the article. Next, let’s plan what we will write the article about. By specifying the topic and studying the content well. Now that we’re prepared, let’s start writing the article. To write an article on a website, in fact, we can write whatever we want. There is no teacher or professor of Thai language waiting to sit and instruct on the principles of the language. Most of the time the article writers or content creators use psychology, wordplay, and popular trends that people are interested in at that time. To make website visitors who read the article feel liked and useful, it causes the article to be shared. Things that new article writers must study and learn when writing articles include the following topics:

  • Article writing elements
  • Make the title of the article look interesting.
  • Article format
  • Choosing to the right font
  • Precautions for Article Writing

Article writing elements

Writing a good article on a website should have 3 parts: introduction, content, and conclusion. If anyone has ever read our article on The “Golden Rules of Content Writing” (if anyone hasn’t read it, just click here) has been briefly written in this article. Let’s explain it in more detail. These elements remind us of school age when the teacher taught about writing essays. Which can really be used. Now let’s take a look at how each part should be written.


Begin with the word intro or introduction. It is to give the reader a headline in the first 1-2 lines, enticing him to continue reading until the content. If we compare it to make it easier to understand, it is like the introduction in a novel. Before getting into the story, there must be a headline that will be interesting to the reader. Invites you to follow and read the story from beginning to end. Writing an article uses the same methods as writing a novel. Just the introduction requires the writer to catch the reader’s eye within the first 2-3 lines, keeping him interested and making him follow along by creating emotion. Stimulate the feeling of wanting to continue reading the content. The obvious style of writing an introduction is to ask questions to make the reader feel curious and invite them to find answers. Or an introduction with a problem that arises when the reader feels that he or she is experiencing the same problem in daily life.


The content section is where we write all the article details that we want to convey to readers. In this section, we can write our own version of the content of the article. But before starting to write, consider the reader as the main thing. No matter how the topics are sorted before-after. To reduce confusion for readers as well as writers. In addition, the use of vocabulary and interpretations for readers are not too difficult. So that the reader can understand the story that the writer wants to convey.

But the problem that new article writers encounter a lot during their initial stages is writing in circles. When the reader comes in and understands and repeats what we understood from the beginning. It makes me feel like I’m wasting my time reading until I don’t want to read the next line. and the use of repeated words is wasted The way to solve these problems is to have friends or acquaintances read our articles and ask for advice on whether there are improvements in their own articles or not. How should I fix it? To review before publishing the article on the website.

In addition to this, in the content section I’d like you to think about it for fun, if the article had only letters on the entire page and had various lines in length. The question is whether the people who enter will be able to endure reading it all, of course not. For new writers, we can add colorful content, that is, by inserting multimedia media between the articles, such as pictures, videos, audio files, or programs. that has iFrame (iFrame is a set of website program code that can be inserted into the article so that website visitors can come and use it or try playing while reading the article) to make the article colorful and also make Your own article can also be interesting.


In this summary section or some people might call it the epilogue. It is a section for writing summaries of all the stories written. Most of the time, writing a summary uses the method of summarizing the entire story. In order to emphasize the main points of what was intended to be conveyed from the beginning so that readers understand the same point. and methods for giving ideas to consider so that readers can use their judgment in reading the entire story and receive insights for use in daily life.

Make the title of the article look interesting.

The article title is the first point for website visitors to choose to read an article. Currently, if you create an article to get a response from visitors until it becomes a trend or sell the article from a media agency. All come from the headline of the article. There are some articles whose title looks interesting but the content is not interesting. There are many different ways to make a headline, and there is no fixed method depending on the context. This time, I’d like to introduce the introduction of names to beginners.

Numbers tell the secret to counting things.

I can believe that many people may have seen it before on the internet or even in printed media. That is, using a leading number to tell the number of stories that will be conveyed to the reader. This is a very classic method that is commonly seen and is the easiest way to headline an article, such as 9 Wonderful Places of the World, 6 Forbidden Foods for Diabetic Patients, etc.

Build trust in readers.

It is a promise to the reader that if they read the article they will follow it. He will receive or experience what the writer promised from the beginning. But sometimes we can use leading numbers to help headline the topic, such as 9 sales techniques to win customers’ hearts. Plus get a nice commission, prohibition for people using notebooks. If you want to stay with us for a long time, etc.

Ask questions to get what you want.

Another classic way to headline an article and is the one used by the author of this article. (If you don’t believe it, try scrolling to the title of the article.) It’s asking a question to get another thing you want. This method is similar to the previous one, but it is just a name given in the form of a question to the reader who is having questions in order to answer what he wants. But sometimes we may ask questions without necessarily specifying what we want, such as how we view life. On days when nothing can be predicted, how to read a book? Let your brain remember as much as possible, is it true that money always creates happiness in life? etc.

Relationship between two things.

This method may be viewed as too simple or not very interesting. But in reality, it is a method that creates interest in readers quite a bit. It is a headline by comparing two things or creating a relationship. To give the reader some insight into how these two things are related. Even though some things are in fact impossible, such as the success of Grade A+ and real life work that is more than a drama, inequality in society is just a “belief” or “value”, etc.

Article format

There are two forms of article writing currently encountered:


It is an article that is divided into paragraphs. It’s like how we write essays in Thai language. It’s just that writing an essay in this style is suitable for telling stories of various events or stories that have a single content. But the limitation of writing this type of article is that if it is written without creating interest for readers in the beginning, there is a high chance that readers will immediately leave and go to another website. This type of writing is often found in news articles. Personal life stories (diaries) and blogs, etc.

Bullet Point

It is a format for writing articles in a way of dividing main topics, secondary topics, and subtopics. This is a format that is very suitable for writing articles on the internet. Especially beginner article writers should write in this format. Because the topics are divided, it is easy to read the articles and the readers can freely choose the topics they want to read within the articles. But one thing that catches the eye and forces the reader to read at a glance is the “topic” because the topic is what catches the reader’s eye. Even though the reader will not read it seriously, it will make them aware of the topics within the article. If looking at the overall picture of this type of article, the reader’s eyes will focus on the topic area. Makes the focused area look similar to the letter F. This is called the F Panel. It’s suitable for writing almost every type of article. It is also a suitable format for beginning article writing beginners.

Choosing to the right font

Using fonts is another thing that new article writers must know about choosing the right fonts to display the content of the article. Taking into account that reading is comfortable for the eyes and friendly to the reader as much as possible. Now let’s get to know the types of fonts and what types of fonts are available today.


Serif fonts are fonts that have letterheads. Some people might call them fonts that have edges. Gives a feeling of luxury, looks official, and trustworthy. This type of font is often used in the content of articles. Because it is the font that is the easiest to read. Examples of commonly used fonts include TH Sarabun, Angsana New, Cordia New, etc.

But one thing that you should be careful about and avoid using Script type fonts, even if it is a font with a base or head. But with this type of font, there will be multiple lines of scribbled letters, which will make it difficult to read and create confusion for the reader.

San Serif

San Serif font. Notice that the word “San” means no. It’s probably not difficult to guess that it’s a font that has no letter heads. It gives a modern and simple feel. This type of font is often used to headline articles or divide main and subtopics. To help the reader’s eyes focus more on each topic in the article. Examples of popular fonts include Ekkamai, FC Friday, FC SaveSpace, etc.

Precautions for Article Writing

Write content to be on the same topic.

When writing an article on each topic, you should first plan what will be written about it. The topic you want to write about is clearly specified. Including sorting the topics first-last. So that readers of the article are not confused. Easy to read, understand, and easier to interpret content. But one thing that new article writers should be careful of is writing content that slips out of the designated head. If it’s easier to understand, it’s written outside of the story itself. Because it may confuse the readers of the article or some people may think that our article looks completely nonsense.

Review articles before publishing.

Once the article is finished, it is not possible to publish it on the website. It should be reviewed every time. By showing the written article to close friends, acquaintances, or anyone who has read our article and asked for details about where there are improvements in their own article. Are there any points that went wrong? To use the voices of those who read our articles to improve further and then upload them to the website.

Always give credit.

No matter what article we write, When we study the details of a topic that interests us thoroughly and then write an article on it. References must also be included from where this article is based, what book, and what website, in order to give credit to the owner of the work. Otherwise, copyright issues may arise later.

Although in today’s online articles the style of writing is different, But one thing that everyone chooses to do in common is to use written content to further business or other purposes. But writing articles online has no right or wrong or rules. fixed But remember that everything should be written in its own way. And finally, we hope that this article will serve as a guideline for writing and be a source of inspiration for all article writers. And I wish everyone good luck with writing their own articles and loving writing. In order to further develop it for maximum benefit.

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