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Nowadays, we cannot deny that there is no successful business that does not use the internet. If we go back 20-30 years ago, we still dare to say that our own businesses were successful without the internet. Yes, that is true and we cannot argue with you. But if used in this era, it would be very difficult. When times change, everything must change. Especially businesses must be disrupted all the time. Especially in this era, when users need something, they tend to search for information on the internet on famous search websites like Google. When searching, they will find a page showing results. The terminology in the SEO industry calls this results page “SERP (Search Engine Result Page)”. If anyone doesn’t know what SEO is, you can read this article by clicking here. On this page, Google has sorted the website pages with articles related to what users are searching for information. In order to be useful and respond to the needs of users as much as possible

From the above paragraph, we can see that one of the important tools of business operations that is a channel for Internet users to get to know our business is a “website”. But on a website, each page must have content to act as an identity. Attract users to come and read our articles. Which operators or businesses already have their own website? But still don’t know the guidelines for writing Content, how to write it so that our website page will be listed on the results page on the SEO page. In the article I will tell you 5 golden rules for writing Content. If you want to be successful in your business, you must read the article. This now or you will miss out on a golden opportunity.

Content is King

If you have read our article on SEO, you may have seen the title of this topic. We’ve brought it up in this article again to emphasize the importance of Google’s importance in search data and in predicting what users want. If compared to Google in the past, going back 11-12 years ago, Google focused on searching for information, articles, news, and entertainment. But Google’s intelligence has not developed like it is today, where it can predict users what they want in order to show SERPs that have more accurate information and are more relevant to searchers’ needs.

But if one day you write an article and you like it, Google will rank the page of the website where you wrote the article to appear on the SERP page, resulting in more website visitors (traffics) and an increased chance of getting to know your business. The more views we have on our website, the more people will know about our business. Whether it’s accidental or not, there may be customers from visitors to our website, who knows? But if you’re just starting out, you should focus on the number of visitors to our website first. Even though we have done SEO to get visitors to the website and know about your business, there is no new content to update regularly. It’s like a house that has been built but no one has taken care of it. It became deserted over time. Our website was ranked lower and lower in the end, no different than if we hadn’t done it in the first place. Therefore, you should maintain your ranking by diligently adding new content articles regularly.

Content should be yourself

Continuing from the previous point, when writing Content, the article should be written from the understanding we have studied from various sources and arranged in our own language to look as natural as possible. For anyone who has never written an article before, which may seem difficult in the beginning, think about when we studied essay writing in Thai language. At that time, the teacher may have been strict about using correct and formal language according to the principles of the language. If, as our teachers taught us when we were in school, we should write an essay in 3 parts (don’t laugh, it really works, haha), that is, the introductory part. Content section and the summary section But you are a newbie at writing articles. You must read our article on “How to learn how to write articles for beginners to look like a professional blogger,” which you can read by clicking here.

Good writing must begin with reading articles from various sources, but that doesn’t mean you have to read only on the internet. It may come from a printed media source. Let yourself understand it first and then write your own version. Give an example of an article source. Famous news websites in Thailand such as or even famous topic websites like Therefore, when you write an article about anything, consider the website visitors who come to read the article. our Must have useful content for searches. Easy to read and understand

Content there are the “Copyright”

This is something that article writers or content creators on websites must be careful about copying content from other web article sources. Google places great importance on content or article content (seriously, too. ) If you have used Google to search for information in the past, going back 11-15 years, you may have an idea why this website has the same content and articles as this one. The difference is in the pictures and website appearance. (At present, there is But most of them come from teachers giving assignments to students to do homework on Google Site, making the content the same as normal, as far as I’ve personally encountered.) But if nowadays, if the content of an article is copied and put on the page of your own website, Google will know immediately. Which website did you copy this article from and has the right to get banned by Google? As a result, your website’s SEO will be more difficult and the chance of showing results on the SERP page is almost 0.

Another thing that you should be careful of is “copyright.” Are you wondering if just writing articles on a website requires copyright as well? “That’s right.” No matter what it is that is intellectual property such as literature, books, poems, theses, movies, videos, songs, pictures, or including templates. These are copyright protections for the artist who owns the work. If you want to use it, you must always ask for permission from the owner of the work. This has been around for a long time, especially in the present era. Copyright is another thing that Google has given importance to in this matter as much as the content of the article. But what if you read the article from the media source until you understand it completely? Then write an article for your own website by copying a paragraph from a book you read. One fine day, the owner of that book read your article and discovered that you had stolen his work. It may even lead to a lawsuit and is more difficult than having your website banned by Google, making SEO more difficult than before. Therefore, writing content should use your own thoughts. Write and compose in your own language If there is a picture, it should be taken with a camera and with a watermark showing ownership. But what if one day we have good eyes and find another website that uses our pictures? We might get quickly rich (hahahaha55555+)

Content must be in trend

“The wind that flows It never blows through the same path.” Of course, there are moments that people are interested in or popular trends in each period. There will be new and unique stories. People who write content and various articles must keep an eye on users’ behavior at all times to see what things they are interested in and what kinds of things are popular these days. We have to think about content and create articles that are relevant to the topics that people are interested in at that time. For example, the current trend from the day this article was written is the story of blind high society people. We might create an article saying “Retracing the events of Luk Nut’s high society Before being blinded by the police shooting,” etc., although during that time there were many people who were interested in this matter. But we have to meet many competing websites that have similar content. But always be aware that our articles must be good, detailed, easy to understand, and of high quality because the more detailed the content of our articles, the more likely that Google will bring the website. Our website is definitely at the top even if other websites do better SEO.

Content must be reliable

When we create a new page on our website, Google checks the content of the page to see what the content of each page is about. Once Google knows what our website is about, What are the articles mostly about? It is recommended that you should write an article or focus on one content. This is to indicate to Google that we are experts in that field. But if it happens that on the article page there are links to external websites on each channel or platform so that outsiders can come to our website. This thing in SEO circles is called “Backlink” because the more backlinks created on the article pages on the website, the more it makes Google believe that our website looks more trustworthy. Submit makes our SEO efforts easy and results in the top of SERP pages as well.

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